George Washington University Hires Convicted Al Qaeda Terrorist as Security Expert


Jesse Morton used to go by the name Younus Abdullah Muhammad back when he served asan important recruiter for Al Qaeda. Now that he’s “reformed” though, he’s just “Jesse.” Which seems to be why George Washington University feels he’d be a good hire for their Center for Cyber & Homeland Security. The Deputy Director of the Program on Extremism says that he’s happy to have Morton on board: “I trust him. We did our due diligence.”

It’s true, to a point, they did speak with folks at the FBI as well as others in the security community, but it was just four short years ago that Morton was sentenced to 11 ½ years in prison for his role in soliciting people to commit murder for Islam.

In fact, just four years ago, federal prosecutors called Morton an “inspiration for terrorists across the world.” Moreover they argued, “Morton not only endangered the lives of innocent people but he also contributed to the destruction of the very freedoms on which our society is based.” Prosecutors were terrified about what Morton could accomplish if Morton was not locked away for a long, long time. “We may never know all of those who were inspired to engage in terrorism because of Revolution Muslim, but the string of recent terrorism cases with ties to Morton’s organization demonstrates the threat it posed to our national security.”

A federal judge agreed with prosecutors, which led him to hand down a harsh 12 year penalty… so how in the world is he free and gainfully employed less than 4 years later?

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