A Generation of Sowing and Reaping in America


his past spring, I helped an organic farmer friend plant his barley and oats here in Iowa. Last week, I helped him with the harvest. Lo and behold, we harvested oats and barley! Nature is funny that way. There are irreversible laws of nature. Jesus made reference to these natural laws in teaching broader principles about human behavior. “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked. For whatever a man sows, that he also will reap.” (Galatians 6:7, NKJV) Hindus understand the application of “karma”.

This past week there were several disturbing events that would indicate that as a society we have sown some really rotten seed. First, there was the senseless murder of Australian college student Chris Lane in Oklahoma by three black thugs who claimed that they were bored (Don’t be misled by accounts that one of the perps is white as his father is black, making him as black as the President).

Then, there was the beating death of 88 year old WWII vet, Delbert Belton, by two black thugs in Spokane. He was beaten with flashlights. So, following the logic of gun control proponents, we should now ban flashlights or have flashlight free zones.

Lastly, right here in my own town, a 78 year old lady was punched out by a foreign student of the University of Iowa purportedly because he didn’t like her sign protesting Planned Parenthood. While this last account does not appear to have any racial overtones, it still highlights a prevailing intolerance for conservative thought in some communities as well as a feeling among some young people that defenseless old white folks are fair game for beatings. My own 88 year old mother-in-law died from injuries suffered when she was assaulted with a shopping cart at Walmart. This attitude toward the aged by the next generation does not bode well for old people as they prepare to face death panels in an era of tight budgets.

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