Gay Rights Lessons Mandated for California 2nd Graders and UP


California is known for many things, its beaches, surfing, Hollywood, Redwoods, Death Valley, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Silicon Valley, Napa’s wine growing region, scenic coast highway and many more. Along with all of the positive things it’s known for, California is also known for super high taxes, its own cap and trade laws, high number of illegal aliens, giving illegals the ability to illegally vote, and home to one of the largest LGBT population in America. I’ve often referred to California as the land of nuts, fruits and flakes and you can take that however you want.

Over the past decade, California has passed a number of laws that protect LGBT people and even give them preferential rights over normal straight people. California is one of the few states, along with Chris Christie’s New Jersey, to outlaw gay conversion therapy used to help homosexuals leave their perverted lifestyles and lead normal lives, often getting married and raising a family. They even celebrate the state’s first openly gay elected politician, Harvey Milk.

Now, to add to the liberalism of California, the State Board of Education has approved a new requirement that calls for all California public school students, from second grade through high school, to be taught gay rights as part of their social studies and history lessons.

According to the pro-LGBT website,

“On Thursday, the California State Board of Education voted on new curriculum for its history and social science courses that expands its teaching on LGBT history, including ‘a study of the role of contributions’ of ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans.”

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