Gay Rights Activist Dan Savage OK With Killing Gay Babies


by Spencer Brown

Dan Savage, the prominent anti-bullying gay rights activist made waves last week with a shocking claim.

Savage is not a stranger to controversy, his controversial opinions have been on full display in his column, Savage Love, on his MTV show, Savage U. Along with his husband, Savage started the It Gets Better project to help GLBT youth. In the past, the supposedly love-filled Savage has wished that, “Republicans were all F****** dead,” and that a third party candidate should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until until there’s nothing left but the rope.”

This time, at an Australian event, Dan lets-hold-hands-and-sing-around-the-all-inclusive-campfire, declared that abortion should be mandatory for the next 30 years.

Yes, mandatory. As in every single baby that is conceived for the next thirty years should be killed before birth. Apparently Mr. Savage is concerned with the growing world population, and thinks we’d all be better off if the next generation is never born. What Savage is proposing is murder on a disgusting scale, and even the thought of it is asinine.

I think it’s clear that while he places a high amount of value on gay teenagers and works to save their lives, Savage doesn’t have a clue when it comes to the true value of a person. It’s also apparent that if Savage thinks the planet is overpopulated, he’s never been to the Dakotas.

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