Gay Marriage Lawfare: Judicial Tyranny


On May 2nd I wrote a piece titled “Gay Marriage Lawfare: Another Front in the War on Christianity.” That was the week the Supreme Court heard arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges, which asked the Court to redefine marriage.

I pointed out that this decision was not intended to benefit gays; it was in reality a D-Day–style assault on Christianity. We certainly must view this move in the context of the White House’s attack on that invidious group, the Little Sisters of the Poor, Obama’s steadfast refusal to even mention the mass murder of Christians in the Middle East and Africa, and the State Department’s refusal to allow refugee status to all but a few Christians fleeing the Syrian civil war.

Strangely, when Obama took office, in 2009, the first states’ legislatures, Vermont and New Hampshire, enacted laws revising the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples, while also providing accommodations for religious believers. The District of Columbia did likewise.

In 2011, the New York Legislature enacted a similar law. In 2012, voters in Maryland allowed same-sex marriage by referendum; on the same day, Maine made the same change, reversing the result of a referendum, just three years earlier, upholding the traditional definition of marriage. Eleven states in all and the District of Columbia chose to allow same-sex marriage.
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