Gay Activist Told to Detract Statements of Libel Against Churches


Following the God and Country event in Jenison, Michigan, in which sodomites, professed churches and city officials all joined hands in protesting, there is now a legal demand on the part of Liberty Counsel against one particular sodomy supporter and his misappropriation of church names in support of sodomy.

Daniel VanderLey, CMO, CIO, Co-Founder of Elegus Technologies, a nano-technology company specializing in nanofibres of aramid, engaged in libel and defamation of numerous churches in the Michigan area in order to protest a God and Country event sponsored by Brian Klawiter of Dieseltec. Bradlee Dean of the Sons of Liberty and Dave Daubenmire (Coach Dave) joined Klawiter for the event.

Klawiter had been smeared in the media, had his business vandalized and received death threats all because he said he would not tolerate immorality of any kind, including open sodomites in his place of business.

VanderLey had sent out a letter to churches telling them that he would print a sign for them to use to protest if they just provided a person to show up to hold it, or he even offered to have someone hold the sign for the church. He claimed that his idea was and “exercise of Love.”
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