Why Are Gas Prices (Unnecessarily) Rising?


by Dr. Jacqueline Lang

As a working mom, I drive and drive as do most working moms. We have no choice but to gas up and hope we don’t go broke until the next paycheck comes or have to pick between gas and food. The last thing anyone needs is to pay more for a gallon of gas in a form of a Gas Tax. Unfortunately, some type of quick fix is needed as well as a long-term plan to end the crisis of the on-going gas tax dilemma that affects the Highway Trust Fund.

Do Americans need the infrastructure maintained and expanded? Yes.

Is there enough money to fix America’s infrastructure in the Highway Trust fund? No.

Why? Congress has mismanaged the Highway Trust Fund for generations.

Politicians’ Solution

Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee and Democrat Chris Murphy of Connecticut want to raise the tax on gas by 12 cent a gallon during the next few years to ensure that the Highway Trust Fund doesn’t go broke.

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