Gang of Eight? More Like Gang of Snakes


There is a lie that is permeating within recesses of our beloved Republican Party. It is a lie that is certainly going to end political careers in the very near future. What is this lie you ask? It is that if we swallow amnesty for illegal aliens that they are going to stop being big government minorities and vote for our guy.

This supposed “Gang of Eight” bill is a nightmare and it is a nightmare for many reasons. The first is that it is being filled with an ever-widening amount of amendments that amount to nothing more than amnesty and money for young people and those who have disregarded our sovereignty and spit in the face of our rule of law.

When this column is finished many of you will most likely comment below that I am a racist or that I am bigot and some of you may even cap it off with a nice liberal sentence like, “Mark, no human being is illegal.” So, instead of talking to each and every person who leaves me this comment this is what I am going to say: The facts in this column are solid and I encourage you to check them out. I don’t apologize for these facts or that I have told them to you; if you are waiting for me to cry and beg for forgiveness like Paula Dean, tune back in when hell freezes over.

Let’s start by looking at this thing by the numbers. How many immigrants are we talking about here? Roughly 11million people will be given amnesty. To give you an idea: Latino immigrants hold a 50-1 advantage over European immigrants. We take in ten times as many people from El Salvador as we do from Australia. So the idea that wanting to seal the border in order to balance out our racial make up in this country isn’t racist, it’s just smart. We have more Latino immigrants than we know what to do with now, why would we welcome more?

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