Friendless Obama: Supporters Jump Ship


Do you ever get that friendless feeling that you’re all alone out on a ledge?

Maybe it’s because you took a risk against the advice of your family, or perhaps you’ve managed to alienate all your friends who used to have your back?

Well it’s a feeling President Obama is quickly becoming very familiar with.

During his first term, Obama created a sort of ‘brotherhood of liberals’ as he fought to unite the Democratic Party in order to pass his landmark health legislation. Through that process, he relied on a network of surrogates around the nation to help him raise awareness and garner support for Obamacare.

Hollywood stars, filmmakers, retired politicians, and other public figures took to television, radio, and print media to drum up support for Obamacare and amplify the “voice of the people,” even though it was primarily to drown out the voices of conservatives. In the end, the President and his liberal merry men were able to whip up enough votes to pass the healthcare reform bill, and his network celebrated their win. I hope they enjoyed their gloating – there’s not much news coming out of the White House to be proud of anymore.

Well, Mr. President, it’s a new term, a new set of obstacles, and it seems like everyday it’s a new scandal – where are your friends now?
In the days since the scandals surrounding Obama’s administration have come to light, it seems the president’s friend list has been dwindling.

Actor John Cusack, who used to blog for the Huffington Post and starred in a anti-Bush ad can be found leaning almost libertarian. Recently, Cusack tweeted that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are “virtual” leaders.

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