Freedom of Speech AND Religion Beatdown


by Kevin Jackson

Hard to believe we live in an America that is so efficient that it can beat down freedom of speech and religion at the SAME time!

Welcome to Bizarro World, aka ObamaNation.

Too bad the guys preaching in the town square in Springfield, Missouri were not Muslims. For as Obama said, “There is nothing more beautiful than the Muslim call to worship.”

According to Christian News, Christians can be arrested for publicly professing their religion; no get out of jail free card there. And you can bet they won’t get footbaths and prayer rugs.

Christian News’ Heather Clark writes:

The situation is part of an ongoing battle between members of Lighthouse Anabaptist Church and the Springfield Police Department.

“This is coming to a head,” Pastor Aaron Brummitt told Christian News Network on Sunday. “Somebody complains, they write a ticket. They call it a ‘peace disturbance.’”

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