Freedom from Religion in America: Goal of Liberal Elites


There was a time when all school children knew the inspiring story of the Mayflower and how it brought the Pilgrims to America’s shores seeking freedom of religion. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since those historic days, and Americans have seen a lot of change. In fact, a nation founded by people seeking freedom of religion has devolved into a nation seeking freedom from religion. I wonder what the Pilgrims would think if they could see what America has become since those early days when they suffered through that bitter first winter on the shores of the American wilderness. The pilgrims were willing to die in order to have freedom of religion, and many did. How could a nation founded by such hardy, committed Christians devolve into one in which official government policy seeks the suppression of Christianity?

Guaranteeing all Americans freedom from religion is a fundamental goal of liberal elites and a plank in the platform of their political party—the Democrats. In fact, few things scare a liberal more than the sight of a Christian on his knees praying to God. Liberals tend to be secular humanists and moral relativists. Secular humanists believe that man is God, a belief system that is fragile at best and quickly falls apart upon even a cursory examination. For this reason, secular humanists can brook no competition from other religions, particularly the religion of Christianity. Liberals simply cannot tolerate a religion with a commandment that says: “You shall have no other Gods before me.” Hence, they have taken it upon themselves to rid America of what they see as the curse of Christianity, a religion that calls into question their narcissistic, secular-humanist self-worship. The reason they do not yet put as much effort into attacking the Muslim religion is that they do not yet feel threatened by it (a mistake on their part).
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