What Freedom Are They Defending?


As the leaders of the increasingly less Free World—minus President *Batteries Not Included or any of his stand-ins—locked arms in Paris to display their solidarity in the cause of freedom, we can’t help wondering what “freedom” they claim to be defending.

As they marched, the fire chief of Atlanta was being fired for his expressing his religious conviction that marriage consists of a man and a woman, period. And in the United Kingdom, home of the Magna Carta, the Conservative Party is floating a plan to ban “extremists” from expressing “hate”—“extremist” being defined as anyone opposed to Muslim Sharia Law or same-sex “marriage.” How they ever came up with a package deal that sells Sharia and homosexual “marriage” off the same shelf, go figure.

What is the Conservative Party supposed to be conserving?

We learned, this past weekend, that the U.S. Supreme Court will soon decide whether sodomite “marriage” is to be forced down America’s throat or not. The arc of the story seems to dictate that the Court will say, “You bet it will!” And we know from experience that the “gays” will not be content with that. Their next demand will probably be to force all the churches to perform these blasphemous shows before their altars. And even that won’t satisfy them.

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