Is Free Speech In Europe Dead?


Free speech is dead in Europe and while it is certainly tempting to blame the immigrants, as intolerant as they may be, it would also be folly. The real culprits are the cowardly, hedonistic, post-Christian, post-industrial native born white majority.

The three bestial al-Qaeda terrorists who murdered twelve people at Charlie Hebdo HQ might seem like menacing enemies of free speech but they’re actually bush league amateurs when it comes to gagging people. The real pros are sitting behind desks in the various capitals of Europe. Nearly every European nation extends some guarantee of free speech to its citizens, and nearly every one of them flagrantly violates that guarantee.

Government censors lurk around every corner, even among parties that pride themselves on their classical liberal appreciation for the free exchange of ideas. Take, for example, Nick Clegg, Britain’s deputy prime minister. By European standards, Clegg may actually be a staunch champion of free speech, having fought against section five of the Public Order Act, which criminalized “insulting words” that cause “alarm or distress,” but he’s still a spaghetti-spined appeaser in my book. Writing for the Telegraph this week, he proclaimed his support for the freedom to criticize ideas, even religious ideas, but drew the line at “racist” speech. Sorry Nick, but you’re still a government censor.
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