Four Liberal Concepts That Are Ruining Football


Let’s face it – football is the king of sports in America right now. For millions of Americans, football is as synonymous with Thanksgiving as turkey or pilgrims.

The product on the field however, has been far from perfect. With Roger Goodell as commissioner, concepts emulating those of liberal politics have crept into the sport, and have contributed to some significant negatives over the last few years.

Here are four liberal concepts that are making NFL football less entertaining.

#1 – Parity

Or as Bill Maher once called it – socialism. Maher proclaimed that the Democrat concept of socialism is what has led to the sport’s popularity. He claimed that “sharing the wealth” via salary caps and shared revenue made for a better league.

What Maher fails to address is that the shared wealth model has eliminated dynasties in the NFL – something that generates interest in the product based on both fans and haters of those teams – and has led to a much more watered-down product…

#2 – Eliminating Exceptionalism

President Obama once famously proclaimed that he believes in American exceptionalism, just as “Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” That is to say, he doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism at all.

So too, the NFL does not believe in individual exceptionalism…

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