Four American Presidents Conducted Deportations


Four American presidents conducted deportations in our history – Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Dwight Eisenhower. Yes, one of the left’s holy men, FDR, continued Hoover’s deportation program for a period. Why that would be shocking is beyond me, considering his treatment of the Japanese, Germans, and Italians during World War II.

Beginning in 1931, under the auspices of trying to preserve jobs for American citizens during the Depression, the government began a series of “repatriation” programs. They called it repatriation because it was being done at the local level and by local authorities, and it was determined that only the feds could “deport.” Both the Hoover and Roosevelt administrations were perfectly content to let the local authorities do the heavy lifting of deportation.

What does that mean? Well, it means that, to a progressive, the law is relevant only to their desired position. Hoover and Roosevelt’s position was that, due to their bad policies, there weren’t nearly enough jobs for Americans, so to heck with what the law concerning immigration and deportation was – if it were easier to allow local authorities to round up the Mexicans, well, that was good enough. It didn’t matter what the “law” actually said. Hoover’s goal was to have local authorities “repatriate” 500,000 foreigners.

Harry Truman was much more successful. In 1950, he wrote: “These people are coming to our country in phenomenal numbers – and at an increasing rate. Everyone suffers from the presence of these illegal immigrants in the community.” His reasoning was a lack of post-war jobs.
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