Founders’ Constitution Key to Stopping Statues of Satan


Seven hundred worshipers of the prince of darkness gathered Saturday night in Detroit to unveil a 9-foot, 2000-pound bronze statue of Satan. “Dark punk” bands played on stage underneath a lighted, upside-down crucifix.

Organizers are now hunting for a permanent home for this goat-headed occult idol named Baphomet, and are shooting right now for the Arkansas state capitol, where they hope to set it up right next to a monument of the Ten Commandments.

Their argument is quite simple: the First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, so if you allow a Christian symbol you must allow a satanic one, on the grounds of fairness and multiculturalism and diversity and all.

Acolytes will unveil more and more of these statues, and aim to put them on government grounds and in government buildings. If this process is not stopped, Satan-worship will be enshrined in the halls of government from sea to shining sea.

How can this be stopped? Well, we can’t do it with the Constitution as it has been mangled by the courts. But the Constitution given to us by the Founders can stop this demonic process in its tracks.

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