I Found Agenda 21 in Lynchburg, VA!


by Victoria Jackson

At Starbuck’s, waiting for my Frappacino, I noticed a poster advertising a lecture series on “Sustainability,” at a local college. My eyes widened. SUSTAINABILITY!!! Red Flag. Red Flag. Agenda 21. (Global Communism.)

On the poster, there’s a photo of a light bulb, the kind we aren’t allowed to use anymore because the federal government said so. I was standing in the liberal Starbucks, feeling surrounded by tyranny…

… wondering why this Randolph College, in this quaint, little historic town of Lynchburg, would have a lecture series on “sustainability,” a buzzword for Agenda 21, the 1992 United Nations resolution that uses environmentalism to promote the global redistribution of wealth, communism. Senator Inhofe’s book, “The Greatest Hoax” taught me the details of how the scam of human-caused global warming was based on lies, payoffs and fake science. I decided Randolph College must be liberal because who would send their child to Lynchburg and not enroll them at Liberty University, the greatest Christian conservative college ever? Only someone whose world view is the opposite of Jerry Falwell’s. Someone uninformed and/or spiritually blind.

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