Forget #BanBossy, Women Deserve Better Than a Hashtag


by Spencer Brown

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The leftist #BanBossy movement is taking hold in many circles thanks to support from Beyonce, Condi Rice, and Jane Lynch. It sounds good, right? After all, who doesn’t support making sure all of our nation’s girls have a clear shot to a bright and successful future? Well apparently, if you use the word bossy, you hate women and support the continuation of a “man’s world,” where patriarchal social structure will doom women to a life bound to a man while stranded in the kitchen, bare foot, having babies. Yes, that escalated quickly. We’ve all heard that words have power and the pen is mightier than the sword, but the BanBossy movement has taken it to a new level.

There’s a problem with those who support BanBossy: they’re engaging in the same demagoguery that other leftist groups have used to gain attention. Whether it was with the demonizing of the 1% as evil capitalists (shame on them for creating jobs and wealth for Americans), or even the upper class for not “paying their fair share” as if the fruits of their own hard work and success somehow belonged to the rest of America. This kind of empty rhetoric is a favorite tool on the left, mostly because it works: The nature of demagoguery is that it fools those less informed about the situation into accepting the rhetoric as fact.

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