‘Ford More Years’: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Running for Reelection


On January 2nd embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford filed for the paperwork necessary to run for reelection. While Ford had previously indicated that he would run again, this came as a shock to many given the scandal currently surrounding the official. Previously this year Ford had admitted to using and buying drugs, drunk driving and other inappropriate behavior while serving in office.

Given his infamy and growing image as a laughingstock, this bid for reelection is news that should create quite a stir in the media while simultaneously harming Canada’s image on the international stage. Below is a discussion of Ford’s decision, its impact on Canada and the possibility of an election victory.

Ford in the Spotlight

It’s been pretty difficult to miss the controversy surrounding Toronto mayor Rob Ford as he continues to pop up in the media. This stems from Ford’s aforementioned drug allegations, vulgar public comments and recent physical altercation with a councilwoman, as cited by NBC News. Ford’s behavior has been less than stellar as he continues to make waves in the news and draw negative attention to the city of Toronto. This pattern only continues as Ford refused to step down from his position and took things a step further by running for reelection.

Ford Victory?

While Ford’s bid for reelection can be viewed as a statement or just another example of his absurd behavior, the possibility still remains that Ford could win the election. Despite his negative portrayal in the media and being stripped of his powers, Ford is still popular amongst the citizens of Toronto. Ford boasts a 42 percent approval rating among voters, as cited by NBC News. To put this into perspective, this is a rating that surpasses that of Barack Obama in the United States.

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