Food Police Striking Back: Mrs. Obama Doubles Down on School Lunch Diktats


By Jeannie DeAngelis

After all the healthy food hoopla issuing forth from Washington, DC, some school cafeteria directors are now claiming that the phased-in standards associated with Michelle Obama’s federally-funded school lunch program are limited, pricy, and unappetizing. In response, an agriculture spending bill that was written and proposed by Congressman Robert Aderholt, (R-AL) was approved by a House subcommittee. The bill seeks to allow schools to waive the school lunch standards put in place by the first lady and the USDA if, after a six-month period, the programs result in a net loss.

The problem is that like her husband, Michelle Obama does not take kindly to noncompliance. Rebel against the FLOTUS’ control and a harder pushback is sure to follow, which is how Michelle is choosing to deal with the critics of her carrot-stick-and-cauliflower diktats.

In other words, after six years, Americans should be well aware that when it comes to Barack and Michelle Obama, “resistance is futile”.

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