Florida State Shooting Victim Had Concealed Carry Permit But Was NOT Allowed To Carry In Gun Free Zone


By Onan Coca

The evidence is clear, constitutional gun ownership saves lives and gun free zones end them.

The latest example comes to us from the horrible shooting at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

A couple of weeks ago a gunman entered the library at FSU and shot three students before being gunned down by police himself. The FSU campus is a “gun free zone” where law abiding gun owners are stripped of their right to carry. Of course, while law-abiding citizens leave their guns at home… criminals see no reason to obey the “gun free zone” signs and carry their firearms wherever they want.Which is EXACTLY what happened at FSU.

Nathan Scott is a concealed carry permit holder, as well as a concealed carry activist who is highly trained and has the necessary skills to carry his firearm.
However, since he was on FSU’s campus, he was without the ability to defend himself. Also on scene was a US Army veteran with more than enough training to help combat the threat, but of course he too had been disarmed by the “gun free” signs.

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