Flashback: Chris Christie on global warming — ‘Time to defer to the experts’


by Renee Nal

Image via L.E.MORMILE / Shutterstock.com

On Friday’s Glenn Beck radio program, Beck responded to criticism that he was “poisoning the well” by not endorsing Chris Christie as a potential Republican candidate for President in 2016.

He said in part,

“…it is not our job to make sure Republicans get elected at any cost.”

Lest you may need some reminders on where Christie stands on certain issues, the media mogul played a montage of Christie’s previous statements related to gun control, global warming (or is it climate change?) and immigration.

On immigration (speaking on whether illegal immigrants should have access to in-state tuition rates), Christie said:

”We need to get to work in the state legislature, on things like making sure that there’s tuition equality for everybody in New Jersey.”

On gun control, an interviewer noted that Christie supported strict gun control measures.
Christie responded,

“I have. I have, because that’s what the people of our state want. And they’ve been found to be Constitutional under the United States Constitution…I don’t have any problem with that.”

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