FL couple whose address Spike Lee wrongly advertised as George Zimmerman’s sue


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It is still unclear what filmmaker Spike Lee hoped to accomplish by retweeting what he believed to be the Sanford, Fla., address of George Zimmerman, the man implicated in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Whether Lee’s plan was to incite vigilante justice on Zimmerman, he succeeded in making life a living hell for the hapless elderly couple who actually resided at the address he published. And now they are suing him, The Smoking Gun writes.

David and Elaine McClain have filed a negligence lawsuit, claiming that Lee’s mistake resulted in a flood of death threats directed at them. The original source of the misinformation that Lee tweeted to his 240,000 followers was a California man who sent the purported Zimmerman address to Lee and other celebrities, urging them to repost it.

After Lee took the bait, the McClains, who are in their 70’s, said “they feared for their lives in light of Twitter and Facebook messages directing individuals to go to their Edgewater Circle home and seek to harm Zimmerman.”

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