Five Questions For Glenn Beck


First, let me say that I think the world of Glenn Beck. He is on my Mt. Rushmore of Conservative Heroes along with Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh and William F. Buckley, Jr. as the four men who have done the most to secure the republic in my lifetime. One of the things that I love about Glenn is that he loves to learn as much, maybe even more, than he loves to teach. As a matter of fact, while I think he approaches teaching as a duty, I suspect he actually finds it, at times, burdensome.

The Saturday before the reelection of Barack Obama, my wife and I had the chance to speak to Glenn Beck for a few moments and found him to be incredibly kind and very humble. Since then, many things have changed in the country and I thought to myself, if I had that chance again, what would I ask?

I do think Glenn is an honest man and so I don’t think that he’d take the following as a challenge to his character; at least that is my hope. So here goes:

ONE: If Gandhi or MLK Jr. were Chinese would we even know their name?

I’ve heard you say on a number of occasions that we should emulate MLK Jr. and Gandhi in their ideas of peaceful resistance to tyranny, but Glenn, isn’t it true that these two guys led successful movements because of who their opponents were even more than who they themselves were? In other words, if Gandhi and Dr. King were in Tiananmen or even Tahrir Square leading peaceful protests, isn’t it more likely that we’d know them like we know “tank-guy,” as a nameless/faceless/voiceless victim?

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