First Female CIA Director? YAY! Wait, What?


On June 12, 2013, Avril Haines was nominated the Deputy Director of the CIA, replacing Michael Morell who had been serving as acting director. As a woman, I would normally be jumping for joy and declaring that we are winning the War on Women. I was waiting to hear good things, such as Ms. Haines’ achievements and awards. The mainstream folks say she is an attorney in the White House Counsel’s office, overseeing the CIA’s covert action. CIA Director John Brennan said of Haines, “She has participated in virtually every Deputies and Principals Committee meeting over the past two years and chairs the Lawyers’ Group that reviews the agency’s most sensitive programs…In every instance, Avril’s command of substance, sense of mission, good judgment and keen insights have been outstanding.”

I also read that Haines has been deputy counsel for national security affairs since 2010 and previously worked at the State Department and on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. She also a physics degree and “has a reputation in Washington as extremely intelligent and capable.”

Haines, however, reportedly has no intelligence experience.

REPEAT: Haines has no intelligence experience.

What I was able to learn about Haines’ past job experience is this, from the Daily Beast: “Two decades ago, when she was in her 20s, Haines occasionally hosted erotica readings at an indie bookstore she owned in Baltimore.”

The Washington Post gave this summary of her “colorful” past: “It’s a quirkier resume than you generally find among Beltway super-achievers of her generation, who often went straight from college to Capitol Hill or Wall Street or Harvard Law. Haines, 43, instead had a stint as an urban entrepreneur, running Adrian’s Book Café … [T]here were the times that Adrian’s welcomed patrons for the occasional readings of high-toned erotica…”

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