First it was Bush. Now it’s Christians!


Ever notice how Mr. Obama is never at fault for anything bad. He has blamed everything on President Bush… the economy, the wars, the unemployment, the common cold and then deflects responsibility to Republicans for the remaining ills of society. Then it was guns, not the killers. And now he’s blaming the Christians for shootings carried out by Muslims.

There is a lot of talk from the mainstream media and it’s all over social media about how Christians and their beliefs are the cause for the Orlando shootings and the increased crimes against the LGBTQ community. President Obama has said nothing to rebut it, so he must condone or agree with it.

In the past he’s spoken out on many issues he had no business being part of, starting way back at the “Beer Summit” between the Boston professor and Cambridge police officer. Why? Because the professor was black and the cop was white. When a neighbor called the police because it looked like someone was breaking into the house, the police showed up and did not believe at first that the professor lived there. Of course this was BIG news because it had to be racism. When did any other president get involved in this kind of local issue?

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