Fired for Teaching the Constitution: Interview w/ KrisAnne Hall


by Elizabeth Vale

Recently I was lucky enough to interview KrisAnne Hall. She is a constitutional expert who travels around the country teaching the Genealogy of the Constitution – she is also a true patriot. She started teaching about the constitution full-time after she lost her job as an attorney because of the fact that she was teaching the constitution to Tea party groups. The information she provided me in this interview is invaluable and I believe that every American needs to hear it.

EV: When I read your biography, I read that you had been fired for teaching the constitution to TEA party groups. Was it hard deciding which was more important – your job or teaching the constitution?

KAH: Even though my teaching was not interfering with my work – he [her boss]told me I could associate with right-wing fringe groups or I could keep my job. He said that to teach about limited government was a conflict of interest for anyone who works for the government and he would not allow me to do that. It wasn’t a matter about which was more important – it was a matter of understanding that if you don’t stand for your rights then you don’t have them anymore. So it became a question of which was more important – my paycheck or the liberty that would eventually belong to my son. So I told him straight up you can’t have my right to free speech and I am not going to quit – so he told me to clean out my office. I knew history and I knew that I had been teaching people if we continued to repeat history there will come a day when we will have to stand, as our framer’s did, for liberty and we are going to have to do it at the expense of our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor. My husband and I decided at that time that this was our challenge after we had talked about it – we were being required, not just to talk about it, but to walk the walk. I could not sacrifice my liberty, I could not sacrifice the liberty that belonged to my child for a paycheck.

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