Finances: America Needs a Ramen Noodle Regimen


My husband and I are fairly budgeted folk. We try to live within our means. We’ve got our necessary bills – internet, electricity, phone, water, etc. Then, we have are fluff-expenses – Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket (that is NOT for me), our Netflix account – stuff that we could definitely live without.

There are times we cut back. When I had a baby a few years ago, we slashed cable so I could stay home. It’s just a part of life. If you’re still living with mom and dad, you’ve probably not quite gotten a good grasp of what it means to live within your means just yet – sometimes sacrificing expenses that aren’t important, in an effort to be wise with your finances. And, for you, that’s acceptable. You’ll be out on your own, scraping by to pay rent soon enough. But dude – Washington politicians got no ‘scuse!

Washington lawmakers studied in elite colleges – the best of the best. They should know better than to make the foolish financial decisions they are making.

The liberal philosophy is that if you put more money into programs, you’ll see a new generation of better, more educated people who will fix the economy down the road. The problem with that way of thinking is two fold. First, we’re not in the financial position to be throwing money at ANY fluff expenses – even education.

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