Fight the Government Monopolies!


by Michael Reisig

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, there are certain things we should all be able to recognize as dangerous for our country and our economy. There are inherent practices that place an undue burden on America and diminish the potential for growth of businesses and the flow of independent thought. One of those is the concept of the monopoly. Monopolies of any sort in free enterprise are a dangerous thing, but government controlled monopolies represent the end of free enterprise. One of the reasons the independent vote is rapidly switching toward the conservative thought process is because much of independent America is beginning to recognize a trend toward control within our present administration.

The creation of a monopoly is generally a slow process. First you have to buy up as much of a viable commodity production or service as possible, then you offer that commodity or service at a loss until you put the competition out of business. Then, you control the market. The problem lies in the fact that we have absolutely no proof; there is no record of the government ever taking over any business in the United States and operating it cheaper, better or more effectively. On the contrary, there is ample proof of the government’s failures:

The U.S. Post Service, which was established in 1775, functioned well for almost 200 years, but in the last few decades, the government has mismanaged it to the point that, without constant bail-out monies, it would have long since bellied-up.

Social Security no longer has the funds to operate in the black. In fact, Congress has borrowed most of the monies in it that were earmarked for the people who paid into it – the term is, broke.

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