Fifty Years Experience: 101 Principles to Live and Work By, Pt 1


by William Pauwels

I learned early in my 50 year career that we are not always smart enough to remember all that we know. So, it is well to be reminded of what we know. Accordingly, I formed the habit of writing down and reviewing the principles of success whenever I had time to kill. Following are 101 of the most important concepts that kept me from venturing too far off the proven path.

Hopefully, some of these principles – many of which you probably already know – will help you compete more effectively in the years ahead, if you review them often.

1) Success is steady progress toward a worthwhile goal or ideal.

2)Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people don’t do.

3) Be a totally reliable person . . . someone that others can always count on without reservation.

4) Look, Listen and Learn … to discover and meet the needs, wants and expectations of customers, clients, prospects and employers. (In a manner that’s advantageous to you and to your company.)

5) Discover the no-brainers and do them, immediately.

6) Optimize your strengths and advantages and Minimize your weaknesses and disadvantages.

7) Commit to Continuous Improvement, personally, and throughout your organization.

8) Commit to the Highest Quality and to Excellence in your every activity, product and service.

9) There is always a better, more cost effective way. Find it. Do it.

10) Excellence is the result of doing (1) through (9).

11) Do the right things … do the best you can … and always treat people the way you’d like to be treated.

12) Clearly identify your Unique Selling Proposition. Always promote it.

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