Fielding a Team to Defeat the Powers of Darkness


We have permitted political issues to divide us. Black Christians and white Christians should care about the same things. “Political” issues divide God’s people. Lack of vision has caused us to be conquered. The vision is gone and with it the unity.

I am putting together a team…and I need your help.

For the past several years I have been actively working to cultivate relationships with black pastors across America. I am currently working with a small, committed group of these men to bridge the divide that is so crippling the church. I am convinced that the most dangerous weapon we can wield against the forces of darkness is a “church” with a unified front. Black Christians and white Christians joining together under the power of the Holy Spirit in Biblical unity is a force that the gates of hell cannot prevail against. That is the unstoppable “team” I am striving to assemble.

Although we are currently in the beginning stages, our goal is to assemble a unified front to boldly stand against the forces of darkness. We are planning a gathering of pastors this spring, black men and white men, who understand the call: men who are not prisoners to race, but bond-servants of Christ! They are men of God who are tired of being reduced to “colors” and who desire to lock arms and engage in spiritual battle against the forces of evil: men who share a resolute vision.

But this team cannot be organized without your help.
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