Feminists, Fascism, and an American Gal’s “Right” to Fund Abortion


Present day feminists are awesome. They have empowered me to make the better choice.  Under past legislation, they have given me the right to fund abortions. Because of their willingness to advocate for the deaths of millions of unborn babies in our country, I have become enlightened as to what it means to truly be a woman.

But what if I am not that kind of woman? What if I am the kind of woman who applauds the spark of life in sperm and egg? What if I am the kind of woman who wishes all women had the freedom to rock their children, to sing their lullabies?

What if I am simply the kind of woman who really, really loves babies…their dewy innocence, their rainbow of skin colors…their eagerness to talk in all the wonderful urbly burbly baby languages that our country represents?

What if I don’t want to be part of an adult cleansing that frees those that are “truly human” and condemns people- inside-people to die?  Why are people inside of people not considered worthy of life?

What if the thought of abortion brings to my mind other genocides?  What if, for me, it is haunting to pay taxes— not because I don’t support America— because in so doing I feel Hitler’s hand upon my pen, rocking the death cradle of the unborn?

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