Federal Judge Upholds Arizona “Show Your Papers” Immigration Law


After seeing that Barack Obama was going to do absolutely nothing to protect Arizona citizens from the flood of illegals crossing into the state from Mexico, the Arizona legislature passed SB-1070 in 2010. The law contained a number of tough immigration policies that gave law enforcement more legal authority to identify and arrest illegal aliens because the feds were not.

Just like any other worthwhile law designed to protect US citizens, the liberal minority screamed, hollered and kicked their feet all the way to the courts with their lawsuits. Liberal judges began slicing and dicing the tough immigration law, eviscerating much of it and rendering law enforcement more impotent to protect citizens from illegals than before the law was passed.

One of the provisions that managed to evade the pairing knives of the liberal judicators was the ‘show your papers’ provision which allows law enforcement officers to immigration status when making any normal arrest or traffic stop. But liberals who hate America were determined to prevent law enforcement officers from enforcing any immigration related laws and continued to challenge the provision in court claiming it is discriminatory.
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