Federal Court Illegally Upholds Magazine & Gun Ban; Cites Emotional Reasons


Like most federal court rulings, which are outside the scope of their authority to rule on, we are seeing more interference from a federal court which has no business hearing that case before them. In this particular case regarding arms, I’ve already laid out the position that the federal government was given no authority to restrict arms in any capacity in the Second Amendment. Yet, we see federal judges going outside of the enumerated powers of the Constitution and doing whatever they want to do with no one calling them out on it. Such is the case with the three-judge panel of the US 7th Circuit Court, who ruled (illegally) that a ban on high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic guns “makes the public feel safer” and, therefore, upheld a previous ruling.

Now, understand that, first of all, there was no place for this federal court to rule, according to the US Constitution. Second, using an emotional argument for upholding an unconstitutional ban smacks of the emasculation of law and demonstrates the effeminate nature of some of the judges that America is putting on the bench.

The Chicago suburb of Highland Park was sued by Arie Friedman following the Sandy Hook shooting and the shooting of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton. They had imposed a ban on so-called “assault rifles,” which are nothing more than semi-automatic rifles and any magazines that contain more than 10 rounds of ammunition.
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