Fear of Being Called ‘Islamophobic’ Is Getting People Killed—And Raped


Please allow me to backtrack a little on my latest column. In “Ahmed Mohamed: Just 14 and Already a Professional Islamo-Victim” I stated that I was not entirely convinced that the Texas teenager planned to bring a suspicious device to school as part of a deliberate self-victimization hoax. After reading more about the incident, I’m nearly certain that this kid knew exactly what he was doing.

I would not be surprised if he did this in coordination with CAIR, the infamous Muslim “civil rights” group linked to several self-victimization hoaxes. We already know that CAIR is representing him; it’s only a question whether they coordinated this beforehand.

What this kid was doing, very likely with the help of CAIR, is called desensitization. It’s the processes of conditioning people to ignore what they know to be dangerous. Most people, when they encounter a briefcase with protruding wires will trust their instincts and report it to authorities. As the old saying goes, “If you see something, say something.” But if ordinary people can be made to keep mum out of fear that they will be called names—racist, Islamophobe, etc.—then terrorists can operate without nosy people flubbing up the operation.

Frontpage Magazine aptly coined a new adage for this era of tolerance and diversity: “If you see something, say something—unless the suspicious person is Muslim.” Yeah. Then shut up or you’re racist.

The classic desensitization operation is the “flying imams” incident of November 2006, in which a group of six Muslim clerics (imams) seemed to go out of their way to alarm passengers on a flight to Phoenix. Three of the imams also triggered “red flags” by buying only one-way tickets and not checking baggage. Several passengers quietly complained to flight attendants that they found the imams’ behavior suspicious.
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