FBI Rebuked Trump’s Wiretap Claim, Now Can The MSM Investigate These 122 Obama Lies?


It’s been sixteen days since President Trump made the claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, and in those sixteen days the MSM, and the Democratic Party pretty much ignored all the good news coming out of the administration to focus on the wiretapping claim that both the NSA and FBI say for which there is no proof. Assuming they are correct and no proof will arise perhaps they can focus on investigating other presidential lies. It’s time for the MSM and the congressional Democrats to investigate all of the Barack Obama lies they’ve ignore for nine years.

A search of articles on this site for the term Obama Lies generated 204 pages of post titles. Each page showcased about 10 different posts Not all of them were about Obama: some were about other people in the Obama Administration who lied, but there was no evidence of the lie being tied back to Obama. The selection was very conservative in blaming the soon to be former president.

Going though each post is a lengthy process — the 122 Obama lies in the chart below represents only 50 of the 204 pages of lies (about 25%). In other words if the trend continued the actual number is probably closer to 500 Obama lies.

So take a look at the list below….pick out your favorite (each title is linked to the actual post.) and ask your friendly neighborhood TV anchor, Democratic congressman, or newspaper reporter, why they were so quick to call for an investigation of Trump’s two-week-old claim, but haven’t yet begun to investigate these lies of Barack Obama.  And remember, there is a lot more where they came from.

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