Faux Black Activist Changes Her Name to Sound African


You might recall Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP official and racial activist who claimed to be black but was then outed by her white parents as having no black ancestry at all.

A rational person would assume that being exposed as a fraud by one’s own family, facing national ridicule and losing one’s high-paying career would be enough to teach most people that they shouldn’t lie.

But we’re in Democratic territory here, so the insanity continues.

Historically, there have often been black people who have tried to pass as white in order to escape discrimination. That at least makes sense, even if it is tragic. However, white people trying to pass as black or some other race in order to gain some perceived advantage (usually financial) doesn’t come up too often.

In recent memory, there was Shaun King, Black Lives Matter activist who has been accused of being white by various sources, including family members who say both his parents are white, and a birth certificate that names as his father a man who other records indicate is white.

Then there’s Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, whose claimed Cherokee/Delaware heritage has been a campaign issue due to questions of whether she used it to her advantage in her teaching career or as a student.

In Dolezal’s case, when her own parents went public to dispute her claims of being black, she went so far as to say she wasn’t sure they were really her parents.

Now she’s boarded the next train at the Crazy Town Station, having a court legally change her name to:

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