FATHERS: Studies Prove They’re Not Obsolete After All!


by Wes Walker

To hear people speaking so highly of single moms, and children being raised without fathers, one might begin to believe that fathers are somewhere between obsolete, optional or even detrimental to the well-being of children. Three studies linked here (h/t PJMedia) show how important fathers (specifically) really are.

The emphasis in the article was not to pit mothers against fathers, but to emphasize the need for both parents to be involved in a child’s life after a break-up.

The first study points to the predictors for domestic violence against children… and why being in a home without a dad is dangerous to them. (Who is the most likely person to beat or kill a child, and why? It isn’t who we’ve been led to think!)In the ranking of “most ideal” to “least ideal” parenting situations, we might expect the first two rankings: intact family, and shared custody at #1 and #2 options respectively, but the next two run exactly opposite to conventional wisdom.

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