Father Faces Prison For Protecting Daughter


by Onan Coca

A miscarriage of justice may be forthcoming in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A father who found a naked man standing outside of his daughter’s window spying on her applied a judicious beating to the pervert. Now police say the protective father faces prison and will be charged for beating the peeping tom.

Emilio Chavez III found the pervert, Dylan Maho, standing outside his daughter’s window naked and making noises. The angry father beat Maho so badly that Maho needed hospitalization. Now, both men will face felony charges, but Chavez faces the more severe penalty. The police released Chavez after questioning him about what happened, but once the District Attorney took over, he chose to charge the heroic dad with felony-aggravated battery – a charge that could carry a three years sentence in prison. The pervert, Dylan Maho, will be charged with felony voyeurism which carries a max sentence of 18-months in prison.

Sadly, the District Attorney has chosen to side with the deviant criminal element of Albuquerque, instead of with the upstanding citizens of that city. The beaten pervert, Dylan Maho, is well known in the neighborhood as “the nudist.” A neighbor of both Chavez and Maho told local news affiliate KOB.com that ‘They call him the nudist around here… he’s been looking in other peoples’ windows.” The neighbor believes that Maho also holds sex parties at a nearby house that he would call “swinger” parties. The neighbor also says that he has found condom wrappers in the street nearby, and believes that Chavez acted as he should have. “I would’ve done a little worse than what happened to him and I think any man or dad would do the same… I feel bad for the other guy (Chavez) and I hope nothing bad happens to him for protecting his family. I think he did what’s right.”

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