Fashioning the “New Woman” in the Daughters of the American Revolution


What do former First Lady Laura Bush, actress/activist Bo Derek, Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly, and Janet Reno, former Attorney General, have in common? They are all members of a patriotic historical preservation organization that is literally imploding from within–and no one seems to care. The leadership and many of their members refuses to recognize it, despite the fact that The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution organization has been under fire since scores of members discovered that almost all references to Jesus Christ had been “red-lined” in the name of “inclusiveness”.

After both Todd Starnes of Fox News and The Blaze originally ran the story, then-President General of the DAR, Merry Ann T. Wright, issued a statement denying the “false” media statements. Obviously, they took Mrs. Wright’s statement at face value. Or, did they think it was not “newsworthy” enough to continue coverage as the 123 year-old organization succumbed to the progressive indoctrination of inclusion and tolerance- by re-writing the Judeo-Christian history it supposedly cherishes?

Did concerned members breathe a sigh of relief after Mrs. Wright reassured local chapters that they could continue using their historical writings and prayers—“unless someone complained”?

In response to Mrs. Wright’s statement, a group of women gathered up their courage and began speaking out. As I clearly documented a few months ago in “A New Revolution: Patriot Daughters Go To War”, traditional poems and prayers have been blatantly altered to appease those who might find offense at the name of Jesus Christ. Using side-by-side screenshots, I provided proof of the over 40 deletions or changes that have occurred in historical documents referencing the name of Jesus Christ. I interviewed the “Daughters” themselves, who despite facing various ramifications for going public, agreed to allow me to quote them using their names.

These same women, who have spent over a year fighting the changes, are long-time members who dearly love the DAR and what it stands for. But, they love Christ more. They have written letters, started a petition, produced a video, and even filed a formal grievance in an attempt to stymie DAR efforts to rewrite history.

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