What’s interesting is that, while the mainstream media jumps at the opportunity to attack Trump and an ill-informed questioner, it steadfastly refuses to ask some difficult questions that underlie the concerns millions of Americans have about President Obama’s failure to confront the very real problem of radical Islam—or to even name it.

What about the actual problem of radical Muslims training to kill Americans? The media is very concerned about someone being misidentified as a Muslim and spends hours of coverage on it, but shows little interest in actually identifying Islamic terrorism, which is far more dangerous than an ignorant question-and-answer session on the campaign stump.

Though President Obama has been baptized in the United Church of Christ by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright as a Christian, he does govern in such a way that seems more pro-Muslim than pro-Christian.

For instance, Obama seems to favor Islam over Christianity at every turn, without any questioning from a compliant media. For example, Obama claims Islamic State is not Islamic because no real Muslims would do what they do. At the National Prayer Breakfast, he tried to tweak Christian noses by dredging up the Crusades—which, for the record, officially ended 1291.
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