Faith Breeds Foolishness?


Ever notice that when you strike up a conversation about faith or make faith remarks in front of those ignorant to faith that they either chuckle or make some kind of snide remark. No, it doesn’t happen every time, but most of the time, it does.

You see, every Friday on my radio show I do a segment called “Faith Fridays” where I speak about issues of various faiths, from what they believe to how they operate. It’s been a regular thing for almost 3 years now and is a listener favorite. I bring in experts and people practicing that religion. I can talk about Buddhists, Spiritualists, pastafarians, and even Jews and Muslims with little or no blowback. But if I mention that a Christian has been persecuted or make a comment about what atheists have to look forward to after death, Twitter lights up like I’ve stuck these guys with a red hot poker in the eye!

One particular Friday I covered the story about the lesbian couple who made their debut in a popular Disney Channel show. I stated that there was no warning, no show teasers, nothing to let parents know what was coming. In my opinion, that was the wrong thing for Disney to do. Many religious parents who don’t approve of that lifestyle are blindsided by this kind of thing all the time through other avenues. With the Disney Channel, because they have always had tradition values in family shows, religious parents were lulled into a false sense of security when that changed.

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