Failure… the New Measure for Success!


by Joe Messina

Author John L. Mason wrote a book back in 2006 called “An Enemy Called Average”, and more recently a follow up called “Conquering An Enemy Called Average.” In both books he deals with this “just get through it” “C average” mentality and launches an all-out attack against mediocrity. I think the mantra of many on the left is, “just get by” and if that doesn’t work, lie!

In years gone by, I have had a California’s contractor’s license, my pilot’s license, and been a real estate agent. In preparing for each, the instructors repeatedly told us the bare minimum number of questions we had to get correct to get the license. There was no push to be top in my class. No push to be better than the next person. I passed all three with no real excitement about any of them and no real feeling of accomplishment.

Until recently, California schools taught “to the test” that all California students are required to pass in order to graduate. They weren’t taught “past the test”, nor “to be the best”, but simply “to get by” and just pass it.

This is frightening!

President Obama seems to subscribe to this same kind of thinking. He has surrounded himself with people who think, like him, that average, mis-speaking (lying), and just getting by (or “getting away with it”) is excellence.

Timothy Geithner, former Secretary of the Treasury, didn’t know he had cheated on his taxes. He called it a “software” issue and never worked to fix it until he was slated to become part of the administration. Sounds like an Obama Success Story to me!

Kathleen Sebelius, did such a great job as Governor of Kansas that she had to suspend tax refunds by the state because of a lack of revenue. She proposed raising sales, property, and income taxes but was eventually pressured to make deep and uncomfortable spending cuts to get the state back on track.

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