Facebook Didn’t Censor Page Promoting Mutilation


While Facebook has been caught red-handed censoring Conservative news, pages, and personalities while also manually manipulates trending topics in our feeds — they allowed a group to exist that promotes female circumcision (otherwise known as mutilation).

The group’s page was recently taken down but not until after a report by The Foreign Desk and complaints filed by conservatives to Facebook for allowing such a group to promote human rights abuses and anti-semitism. Fortunately, screenshots were taken of the page, as well as hyperlinks, evidencing that the only conspiracy is that which the page sought to promote.

This Facebook group insisted that because Jews control the global media, the benefits of “female circumcision” (otherwise known as female genital mutilation (FGM)) aren’t known worldwide. They claimed that FGM has many benefits, the most important of which– prevents both a man and woman from getting cancer.

Read the rest of the story and see the screenshots at Constitution.com

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