Facebook says you can’t use the name Pastor


Hr1 Do we really need to use foul-mouthed kids cussing at Donald Trump in a video to make a point? Is this really what we’ve come to?

Radio host, Pastor Greg Young says Facebook won’t let me be titled Pastor without govt ID, but I do have 21 genders to choose from.

Should Christians run for public office?

If the Bible were still read in schools, we wouldn’t have the issues that we have in schools today.

Hr2 Forcing girls to shower and change with transgenders is causing an uproar.

Gov. Cuomo is begging companies to stay in New York. Gee, I wonder why they want to leave? **sarcasm**

Media personality, Xander Gibb talks about shared school facilities and transgender teens. Why not make accommodations by revamping the shower stalls to be more private rather than forcing the shower issue? Common sense.

Woman of the Year and heroes… does it mean anything anymore? We’ve watered down the meaning of heroes and bravery.

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