FACEBOOK Caught Covering For Hillary Clinton FBI Scandal


Facebook won’t allow anyone to share our Hillary post! If they shared it they got in trouble from Facebook, however Facebook hasn’t taken actions against us in a sneaky attempt to cover for Hillary! Luckily our fans tipped us off.

The Article was titled “Hillary’s Case Is REOPENED, Now FBI’s Comey Asks For Immunity – Gowdy Says ‘HELL NO’ ” and you can see it on our site here.

Gowdy appeared on Fox News for an interview where he stated that there is still a small chance that the issue of the email server will come back to hurt Hillary Clinton in the long run.

Gowdy told Fox News host Bill Hemmer that there is a way make Hillary & FBI director Comey pay for their corruption. How? by replacing the Justice Department in November, which means electing Donald Trump who would nominate a new United States Attorney General. Gowdy told Hemmer,

“There are multiple groups in our culture that provide oversight. There is the executive branch, there’s Congress, there’s you in the media, but on November 8th, the real jury gets to weigh in, and if they think this Department of Justice has been politicized, they are welcome to replace it with another Department of Justice.”

Apparently Facebook didn’t like Gowdy’s solution. Check out these screenshots from Facebook users who tried to share the original article.


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