Facebook blocked article revealing Bernie Sanders’ hardcore Marxism


On Monday, Examiner.com’s Renee Nal published an article highlighting a video that exposes the hardcore Marxism of Bernie Sanders, the socialist senator running for president in the Democratic Party primary.  But, she added Thursday, the article was blocked by Facebook with no explanation.

“The New Zealand native is working with Iowa-based Director Judd Saul on the filmThe Enemies Within, which seeks to expose anti-American ties in the federal government. Loudon believes that a minority of radicals are responsible for unconstitutional and damaging policies that have been imposed on Americans for decades, a trend that has greatly accelerated under the Obama administration,” she said in the original article.

The video can be seen below:

On Thursday, she wrote:

After several prominent Facebook pages posted the article, the link was blocked at numerous pages (See here and here for just two examples) and Facebook “likes” on the actual article became “stuck” at 572.

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