“F” the Federal Family


Sebelius Describes Federal Government As ‘Our Federal Family’

“Mother Russia” is a national personification of Russia, which appears in Russian patriotic posters, statues, etc. The usage of the term “mother” in reference to a nation or culture symbolizes the “spirit of collectivity.” (In the Soviet period, the term Motherland was preferred, as representing the multi-ethnic Soviet Union.) I have neighbors who are from Russia who tell me they and their circles used to laugh and mock the term “Mother Russia” and, to quote them, “never in our wildest dreams would we have thought we’d see something similar now happening here in the United States.”

What are they talking about? The “something similar” is NO ACCIDENT, folks … it’s the purposeful propagandized creeping into the ObeyMe government lexicon of the term “Federal Family.”

Whether used by HHS Secretary Sebelius, deputy administrator of FEMA, by the Director of the ATF, by both the Secretary and the assistant secretary at the DHS … this is an attempt to foster the perception of government as our caretaker. And remember “Julia?” I guess she was one of the daughters of the Federal Family.

This is to create a separate identity for Federal workers to pit them apart from We The People, so that yet another wedge is created in our society. Once they delineate a clear separation, they can begin to breed dissent between the factions … which ObeyMe and his communist cohorts have been doing his entire term. Soon it will be the “Federal Family” dressed all in black SWAT attire (oh wait … we’ve already started to see that all across the nation, now haven’t we?) against the people of the Constitutional republic. This is NOT good, folks, for freedom and liberty … when the patriots of this country, the descendants of our Founding Fathers, when “pro freedom” Americans are depicted as “anti government extremists” and “radicals.”

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