Exporting American Educational Expertise


I found the usual nonsense on the internet this morning until I came upon a Wall Street Journal opinion piece by Michelle Obama. Hers was a by rote, one might say sordid, piece of liberal insincerity entitled “Let’s Ensure That Every Girl Can Learn” and subtitled “An international initiative can help the 62 million girls world-wide who are not in school.”

Don’t liberals write lofty headlines that praise their lofty intentions and trumpet their lofty place above mere planet-dwellers?

So Michelle, who I like on days I believe she plays the piano and dislike like on days I don’t believe she plays the piano, will travel to Tokyo today and announce a partnership labeled “Let Girls Learn” to assist girls in developing countries go to and stay in school.

Lofty, lofty, lofty. Expensive too, I bet. I also bet she calls that expense an investment. Why there it is, leading off paragraph two. Soon we should see the litany of scare words liberals and well intentioned sit-coms use when trying to convey the urgency of an issue. Michelle is not messing around today, still in paragraph two we find tragic waste of human potential, a drag on nat
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