Exclusive Interview with Gov. Scott Walker


The following is a transcript of Steve’s Thursday interview with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is among the deep GOP presidential field’s current frontrunners for 2016:


Deace: Where do you truly stand on Common Core and where does it stand in Wisconsin?

Walker: I oppose Common Core. When I first ran for governor, like for most people in politics, it wasn’t an issue. It wasn’t even on my radar. It was not until just a couple of years ago that parents and activists brought it to our attention. We tried to get the legislature to pass a bill that would pull back the requirements in Wisconsin and put it in the state standards. It didn’t pass unfortunately. I talked to more folks who said you shouldn’t just pull it to the state but you should leave it to local school districts. And so in the budget I just signed last Sunday we repealed and made clear there is no requirement for any school district in the state to use common core requirement and we got rid of the funding for the Smarter Balance test. Wisconsin is one of a handful of state’s that doesn’t have a Department of Education. Wisconsin has an independently elected superintendent of public instruction who is an independent advocate for common core, so we constantly have to do battles with them and why we have to change things in the statute. Unlike other governors with a cabinet I can’t just tell that person what to do. I have to change it in the law.


Deace: Numerous pro-lifers I know are concerned about your campaign manager, Rick Wiley, and what his views are on the sanctity of life. How would you respond to that?
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